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An overview of Our Services:

English-Language Editing Services
We offer high-level subject experts in your specialty to review and edit your manuscript. Our expert team helps you to submit your manuscript free of mistakes to any scientific, medical or technical (peer-reviewed) journal. We have highly qualified academic and subject-expert editors to correct your manuscript. Whether you need help with a 250-word abstract of a 45,000-word thesis or report, our team of experts specializes in language “scrubbing and polishing” to carefully correct spelling errors, grammar and word choice.

Scientific, Medical and Technical Translations
Our team of high-level scientific, medical and technical experts will translate your manuscript into perfect— publication-ready—English. This means you can save time and money by writing your manuscript in your native language. Each translator is an active member of the academic community and has extensive experience in research and writing of their fields of expertise.

Design Services
After completing your statistical analyses, you will need to summarize the data and results for presentation to your readers. We turn your research, sketches, drawings and ideas into professional illustrations, tables and figures for inclusion in your manuscript or presentation

Manuscript Formatting and Submission Services
Are journal’s author guidelines confusing you? Lacking the time to format your manuscript and references according to the unique specifications of the journals you wish to target? Most journals have distinct submission requirements, and every aspect of these requirements must be determined and satisfied before you submit your manuscript.

Our expert publishing team can format your manuscript and references. We help you with manuscript formatting and ensure that your work is presented according to the exact specifications of the targeted journal.

Disclaimer: Use of this service is not mandatory for publication in ADCReview/Journal of Antibody-drug Conjugates, Onco’Zine – The International Oncology Network or Apptheneum, and does not guarantee peer review, acceptance or preference for publication in our publications. You are not required to use this service before you submit your manuscript to our publications.



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