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New ADC Payload Platform – Synaffix Launches toxSYN™

Published on 07th December

The Netherlands-based biotech company Synaffix, which has developed a proprietary site-specific conjugation platform technology to enable differentiated antibody-drug conjugates or ADCs, launched of a new technology platform of highly potent cytotoxic ADC payloads. The company is expected to integrated this technology platform into its existing ADC platforms. With this expansion, Synaffix becomes a one-stop provider for technologies required to rapidly translate antibodies into proprietary ADC products.

The company focuses on delivering a conjugation platform technology to consistently generate ADCs that are more effective and better tolerated when compared to current clinical-stage ADC conjugation technologies. These proprietary technologies have demonstrated compatibility with all ADC payload classes and all IgG isotypes and can be applied directly to an existing antibody without any DNA and or protein engineering.

…We expect this important expansion of our ADC technology to further advance our internal research and facilitate collaborations with a much broader set of companies…

The new technology platform called toxSYN™, consists of four highly potent payloads, which offer multiple mechanisms of action and a viable path for commercialization when combined with the components of the company’s GlycoConnect™, the company’s proprietary, site-specific and stable antibody conjugation technology that involves enzymes and metal-free click conjugation components, and HydraSpace™, a highly polar ADC-enhancing spacer technology.

The payloads have been clinically validated with well-known efficacy and safety profiles, and were selected to address the two types of biologies that exist across ADC targets which include rapidly-dividing cancer cells as well as quiescent cells, such as cancer stem cells.

Important Expansion

The payloads include a functionalized calicheamicin, a DNA damaging agent called Syneamicin™, a functionalized SN-38, topoisomerase 2 inhibitor, called SYN-38™, a functionalized auristatin E microtubule inhibitor called Synstatin E™ and a functionalized maytansine, a microtubule inhibitor called Syntansine™.

“We expect this important expansion of our ADC technology to further advance our internal research and facilitate collaborations with a much broader set of companies” said Peter van de Sande, CEO of Synaffix.

“By providing these four distinct payloads through our new toxSYN™ platform, we can now enable any company with an existing antibody to rapidly establish a highly-competitive clinical-stage ADC program for its own development pipeline,” Van de Sande added.

Synaffix is backed by a top tier, life science-focused investor syndicate including Aravis, BioGeneration Ventures, BOM Capital and Merck Ventures.

Last Editorial Review: November 7, 2017

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