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David Rabuka, Ph.D

David Rabuka received a PhD in chemistry at the University of California, Berkeley as a Chevron Fellow in the lab of Carolyn Bertozzi. His research included developing and applying the SMARTagTM platform technology to cell surface modification.

Prior to joining Bertozzi’s lab, David worked at the Burnham Institute synthesizing complex glycans followed by Optimer Pharmaceuticals, which he joined as an early employee, focused on the development of glycan and macrolide based antibiotics.

He was CSO, President and co-founder of Redwood Bioscience where he developed novel protein conjugation methods and biotherapeutic applications such as antibody-drug conjugates.

Redwood Bioscience was acquired by Catalent Pharma Solutions in Oct 2014, where David has continued to apply the SMARTag technology with various collaborators and partners as a Global Head of R&D.  David graduated with a double honors BS in chemistry and biochemistry from the University of Saskatchewan, where he received the Dean’s Science Award, and holds an MS in chemistry from the University of Alberta.

He is an author on over 45 major publications, as well as numerous book chapters and an inventor in over 30 patents.

Last Editorial Review: June 19, 2018

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