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About Sonia Portillo | Associate Editor

Sonia Portillo is an associate editor of ADC Review/ Journal of Antibody-Drug Conjugates, an online, peer reviewed publication dedicated to following the developments of Antibody-drug Conjugates or ADCs and other targeted therapies.

Portillo, who has the confidence and tenacity to pursue and validate medical and scientific information, is experienced in generating original story ideas for Onco’Zine, ADC Review | Journal of Antibody-drug Conjugates (two online journals) and The Onco’Zine Brief, a weekly radio broadcast about cancer and cancer treatment.

She understands how to communicate complex medical and scientific materials to a divers audience of healthcare professionals as well as patients, with the ability to tailor and adapt content to the needs of our online and broadcast audience. But above all, she has excellent writing and storytelling skills, grounded in medical science, which she communicates from basic science through to the clinic, supporting our editorial development through all phases and is experienced with audiences from physicians to nurses and other allied health providers.

She is, as co-producer en co-host, responsible for The Onco’Zine Brief. Her portfolio further includes extensive work in oncology and hematology along with a range of other therapeutic areas. She focuses her work on cancer treatment from a pharmacological perspective, specifically in the area of precision and personalized medicine.

Last editorial review: March 21, 2018

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